Founded just over 6 months ago and supported by EU Jeremie funds, Greek startup Pollfish is the perfect example of how an innovative app idea can take the business world by storm!

According to its founder Zissis Bellas, Pollfish has been so successful in such a short time as “it’s a business enabler, helping businesses face the challenges of a global market.

So what exactly does Pollfish do? It allows any organisation to carry out a trustworthy survey easily and quickly via the company’s website. The organisation simply drafts its questionnaire which is then submitted to the relevant target group and gets back answers in no time that will help it move its business forward.

This app startup already works with 247 applications worldwide, has access to a sample of more than 5.5 million people, has created jobs in Greece and continues to expand its activities at home and abroad. Those are some pretty impressive achievements!

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