Struggling to find a doctor’s appointment is a thing of the past thanks to Greek startup Doctoranytime

The inspiration to launch the Doctoranytime website came from a very basic, personal problem. The startup’s founder, Eleftheria Zourou, could not get a doctor’s appointment for 2 months. Her heavy work schedule was partly to blame but the organisation of the public healthcare system was also a determining factor. So, she decided to change things and make getting a doctor’s appointment easier for everyone…anytime.

The website allows users to find a doctor or medical centre according to different criteria including location, cost and social security coverage and to make an appointment. It’s easy-to-use by just about anyone, makes the user the focus and meets a real market need that improves quality of life. The perfect website. The company now employs 10 people and further job creation is in the pipeline as is international expansion. For founder Eleftheria, entrepreneurship is not necessarily the easiest path as there can be disappointments and struggles along the way, but “when you create something from scratch and see your business grow and make life easier for people, it is something magical”.    

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