High performance and reliable networks will be the core of Europe’s Digital Single Market (DSM). Increasingly, convergence of fixed and mobile networks (FMC) will form their basic foundation, essential for the next generation of 5G networks, to support broadband services, both fixed and mobile.

Overview of future standards for networking quality for the DSM

This study examines FMC from the perspective of increasing European broadband connectivity through dense small cell networks. The analysis focuses on the practical side of 5G networking in terms of assuring quality of service and encouraging EU-wide coverage through regulatory obligations for mobile broadband. The study examines the quality of service indicators along with the whole framework necessary to introduce such a major transformation.

The report is aimed at future design of practical 5G ecosystems for vertical industry applications. There are several proposals for improving network quality indicators to assure high performance, with reliable and resilient operation. Additionally, the scope of network quality of experience (QoE) for the end-user is extended to fit the reality of today’s digital society.

    The Final Report provides a Main Findings chapter as well as a more detailed Methodological Section in addition to this Executive Summary. 

    • Fixed and Mobile Convergence in Europe (2017) – Final report
    • Fixed and Mobile Convergence in Europe (2017) – Executive Summary (EN) (FR)

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