The European Commission is currently calling for tenders to carry out a study on measures to be taken to control and optimise the increasing energy consumption of ICT services, with a focus on cloud computing technologies.

Energy consumption and related environmental impacts of cloud computing are among the most demanding challenges of information processing technologies.

The proposed study will aim to understand the current state of cloud computing technologies from the perspective of energy-efficiency and the mechanisms to drive the market, including standards, certification, labels and possible regulatory measures. Based on a comprehensive quantitative analysis of the energy consumption of cloud-based services, the study needs to provide sound recommendations for energy-efficient digital services in the cloud that will contribute to the goals of the Paris Agreement. The study should analyse and propose future research priorities for energy-efficient cloud services, ways to implement green public procurement of digital services and data centres, and ways to stimulate the provisioning of eco-friendly cloud services.

The maximum amount allocated to the study is EUR 230 000.

Detailed information about the tender specifications at