Although the European Data economy is still “emerging”, it is of utmost importance to identify and remove, at this stage, the barriers for its further development in order to achieve a well-functioning and competitive Digital Single Market.

There is a growing interest in the EU in the data economy, in IoT, robots and autonomous systems and in the emerging challenges they pose for EU policy makers. The purpose of this study was to identify the most important barriers to the development of the data economy and the use of IoT, robots and autonomous systems.

This study is a first attempt to characterise the legal, technical and other types of barriers which currently prevent the full deployment of the European Data Economy and which limit Business to Business (B2B) data sharing and re-use in Europe. Based on this analysis, a number of policy options for the future are put forward and considered from a coherence, effectiveness and efficiency perspective. This assessment shows that, at this stage of market development, policy makers should adopt horizontal non-legislative measures in order to build a better ground for a flourishing European Data Economy.


Read the Executive Sumaries in EN and FR and the complete study in EN.