The European Commission is looking for tenderers who will conduct a study that allows for the measurement of intra- and extra-EU data flows and their associated economic values.

One of the key actions of the EU Data Strategy is to assess the economic potential of data flows for a flourishing and growing European economy. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a new analytical framework for measuring the economic values of data flows. The study shall also provide a model to forecast data flow growth rates and their future impacts to the EU economy, in order to guide future strategic policy choices in terms of investment, trade and digital.

The Regulation on the free flow of non-personal data was applied in May 2019. Member States are expected to fully implement the Regulation by May 2021, and the Commission will evaluate the Regulation by November 2022. With the results of the study, which is subject to this call for tenders, the Commission will have the necessary tools to evaluate the Regulation from a macroeconomic standpoint in a meaningful way.

The maximum amount allocated to the study is € 385 000

Reference: VIGIE 2020-0698