The objective of this study was to identify ‘Fundamental Services’ in the context of new "Universal or Global" SOA SOA approaches to the provision of eGovernment services. The key questions which it addressed were: at which level of granularity can ‘Fundamental Services’ be defined?

Which ones have the highest potential for reuse? And what are the possibilities for and the impact of delivering public services in line with the concept of a ‘cloud of public services’? The study focused on the provision of the ‘building blocks’ of public services in a ‘cloud of public services’ for reuse by public administrations and third parties in order to build new services. The notion of ‘cloud’ is often associated with ‘cloud computing’ and the technical aspects of enabling a cloud environment. In this study, however, ‘cloud’ refers to a collection of public services, which can be offered in an open and interoperable way.


Against a background of recent policy and technological developments, the study developed a service taxonomy and methodology in order to identify the building blocks of public services delivered online.

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