This study gives an overview on the independence and efficiency of the Audiovisual Media Services Regulatory Authorities.

The study provides an updated analysis of the institutional, legal and regulatory framework governing the regulatory bodies competent for audiovisual media services in EU Member States and candidate countries. It identifies differences and common traces of the different national legal systems governing regulatory authorities. It also comprises the analysis of the implementation of the said framework in practice and its effectiveness.

The study shows that since the 2011 INDIREG study on regulatory independence there have been only a few changes in the national landscapes governing regulatory authorities. Where these occurred, they were significant changes, such as the establishment of the new bodies in a number of the monitored countries (e.g. Spain, Estonia, Luxembourg, Sweden and Slovenia).

The Final Report points to a number of cases where the independence of regulators is at risk although, in general, regulatory authorities in the audiovisual sector are, to a sufficient degree, independent and function efficiently.

The results of the Report will feed into the ongoing Refit exercise and will be part of the input for the AVMSD review process

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