This training session will explore the State aid aspects of step change. It will focus on specific examples of current State aid schemes in Europe, including a Bavarian project which is the first approved State aid proposal for grey areas and can serve as a basis for planning similar projects. Hurdles and factors to consider before developing State aid plans will also be covered, as well as evaluation criteria. Registration is open to all members of the European Broadband Competence Offices (BCOs) Network. The final agenda will be made available to participants directly.

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This training session is organised by the BCO Network Support Facility in partnership with DGs CNECT, AGRI, REGIO and COMP.

These training sessions are part of a capacity-building knowledge-exchange programme run by the BCO Network Support Facility in order to connect and strengthen the BCO Network, support broadband roll-out in urban, rural and remote regions, and contribute to achieving the EU Digital Single Market and Gigabit Society objectives.

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