The 2018 "Health at a Glance Europe" joint report of the European Commission and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has been published. It contains key findings on how innovative digital solutions could transform health and care systems.

The most recent Health at a Glance: Europe report (published in November 2018) captures the evolution of EU health systems in terms of their effectiveness, accessibility and resilience, using the latest available data. 

The report highlights how digital technology offers great opportunities to deliver health and care services more efficiently.

Acoording to the report, an ageing population requires a profound transformation in health systems and a shift of focus from acute care in hospitals to more integrated and people-centred care in the community. In this regard, the study confirms that health systems need to respond more efficiently to changing health care needs driven by demographic changes and exploit more fully the potential of new digital technologies to strengthen prevention and care. New digital technologies offer great opportunities to promote healthy ageing and achieve more efficient and people-centred care.

The data available also shows that the use of Electronic Health Records and ePrescribing is growing across EU countries.

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