Stakeholders are invited to use this form to report to the Commission services issues and/or problems experienced in the EU member states regarding the implementation of the radio spectrum Commission implementing decisions.

The information reported via this form will contribute to the Commission's role in monitoring and enforcing implementation of Commission implementing decisions in the area of radio spectrum.

The form is to be submitted electronically, along with any additional documents, preferably in a compressed ZIP or RAR archive no larger than 25 MB to the following email address:, with the Subject field containing: SIR. If the size of the attachment is over the 25 Mb, the archive should be split into several emails each not exceeding the 25 MB limit stated, with each email referenced appropriately in the subject field of the email(for e.g. SIR-company xyz part 1/2/3/…). The reporting form is provided in Adobe Acrobat format and can be filled-in directly on the PC using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe Systems or other any compatible, third party software. You can submit this form in English, German and French. Scanned handwritten forms will not be accepted.

Upon reception and preliminary checking of the documents submitted, the Commission services will acknowledge reception within 5 working days  to the contact email address provided and issue a unique reference that is to be used in any subsequent communication with the stakeholder. When the Commission services finalise the assessment of the issues and/or problems reported the stakeholder will be informed accordingly through the contact email provided.

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