This workshop brought together renowned experts and stakeholders to refine ideas for future Network Technologies and Internet of Things (IoT) research and innovation that could be part of the Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2016-2017. The final session reports and session slides are available for download.

The workshop addressed priorities for the next work programme regarding:

  • the implementation of the 5G PPP
  • the network technologies not covered by the 5G PPP, i.e. beyond roadmap based research
  • and the Internet of Things.

The European Commission (EC) provided a consolidated view of the online consultation contributions received during April-June 2014. This was complemented by experts' invited presentations, views from the NetWorld2020 European Technology Platform and the network technologies/IoT projects' clusters.

The two-day workshop was organised in plenary and break-out parallel sessions on the following six themes:

  • Radio (architecture, technologies, mm-waves)
  • Network management (security, big data for network management, energy efficiency)
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Optical technologies (core, access)
  • Experiments, test beds and demonstrations (5G focus)
  • SDN/NFV/Internet architectures

Each of the strands was kicked off with a set of invited presentations, followed by participants interventions, the EC online consultation results overview, collective discussions and drafting of a joint position paper summarising received contributions and identifying research priorities. Contributions were also asked to highlight those issues that should be implemented as research actions and under an innovation umbrella.

The workshop agenda is available for more details and you can also browse delegates to see who else was attending.

The final reports for each session and the sessions' slides are available for download.


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