The European Broadband mapping project is developing a mapping application that will provide a georeferenced overview of the quality of fixed and mobile broadband services across Europe. The project gathers data from both national, public as well as private, international initiatives. A third workshop is being held to discuss with regulatory bodies and experts preliminary findings from a cross-country and cross-initiative comparison of connectivity data and to consult on mapping methodologies. So far more than 150 stakeholders have been involved in this project.

This is how the portal for visualisation of the data will look like.

Until today, 22 private and public initiatives have supplied data to the mapping application. The platform can become therewith an evidence-base for regulators, experts, business and consumer associations and the general public. The workshop will take place 10th July 2017, at the premises of the European Commission. More information on the project is available at

More information on the project

The workshop targets representatives of public authorities as well as managers of and experts on mapping initiatives and measuring the quality of service of fixed and mobile broadband connectivity. Participation is by invitation only. If you are interested please contact the project manager Ms Christiane Lehmann.