Fed4FIRE opens a call for proposals from SMEs and offers special access to its federated test facilities, while continuing to expand its research facilities.

A second open call targeting SMEs launched in September 2014, with a proposal deadline set for October or November 2014 and experiments running from December 2014 to March/April 2015.

SME experimenters can benefit from specially designed open calls for experiments on the Fed4FIRE testing facilities, with simpler partnership arrangements and shorter timespans.

General rules for SME calls still apply, but project proposals for the Fed4FIRE test-bed now include partners as sub-contractors, reducing the administrative burden of a proposal.

These calls will also last only four months, with proposers receiving feedback from evaluations within one month and starting experiments within two months of the submission deadline.

The first open call to SMEs was in April 2014. Out of the 12 proposals it received, four were selected, each obtaining support worth up to EUR 25 000.

At the end of 2014, Fed4FIRE will evaluate the impact of these calls and decide whether to make further SME calls and, if so, whether to adapt their format.

More partners, better facilities

Since Fed4FIRE started in October 2012, the project has expanded to 28 partners across its 17 experimentation facilities. These facilities now support 12 experiments - 9 from industry - with good results from three already.

The project covers 80% of the major functionalities over its test-beds so far, and has improved the MySlice, jFed, NEPI, OMF and OMF experimenter tools. Layer 2 and layer 3 connectivity also exists between a large number of the facilities.

Externally, Fed4FIRE is working with the EU’s FIRE project and the US’s GENI project, attending the 2nd GENI/FIRE collaboration workshop in Boston in May 2014, and holding the first Fed4FIRE-GENI Research Experiment Summit in Ghent in June.

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