This study assesses the economic and societal potential and impact of open service innovation approach in Europe. The study is coordinated and led by Logica business consulting. The consortium consists of IBM, Nokia, Intel, Novay and Innovation Value Institute. The study considers the role of users and citizens in open, user-driven service innovation, as part of the industrial eco-system, in the context of societal and ICT developments.

The report offers modern models, methods and approaches on open innovation, as well as analysing the challenges of economic values, wealth generation in socio-economic terms and creation of common values. It also suggests successful business ecosystem approaches for service innovation. 

As the scope of this study is industry led, the findings and recommendations are grouped from the perspective of the market. The case-studies analysis leads to a new open innovation models where the user is one of the key driver and wealth generator in the new open innovation ecosystem.

Contact information:
Gohar Sargsyan
Prof. W.H. Keesomlaan 14,
1183 DJ Amstelveen
The Netherlands


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