Is the collective able to solve a given complex problem which is unsolvable for individuals? Is the collective more creative than the most talented of their members? A Collective Music Experiment (CME) will be conducted during the 21st International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art Sónar to provide new knowledge on the ways large groups of individuals produce creative results collectively.

The challenge is to exploit the power and the passion of the music-based community in action. During the three days of the festival, a custom-made platform will allow for the generation of music patterns and exchange, fostering fast self-evolution and alignment of perspectives among the networked participants. 

CME will merge on-location research within the Festival and the virtual scenario that allows global practices for real data gathering on the large-scale network. It will also bridge the gap between experts and amateurs mixing theory and practice.

The knowledge creation, the information selection and the self-evolution of the societal intelligence, will be analysed to understand the social practices of innovation and more specifically the networked practices of individuals for the music development process. Collective music composition will occur in cascades driven by a positive feedback dynamic linked with the exchange of patterns.

CME uses musical language aiming to get closer to the mainstream means of communication and, as a consequence, to enrich both the outreach and data gathering processes. In addition, CME also provides the opportunity to the amateurs to be mixed by the artists R de Rumba and Miguel Angel Mercadal for their live show in the Sónar+D exhibition presenting the results of the experiment. CME website features the visualization in real time of the network structure and dynamic and individual patterns can be downloaded by the users.

CME is a citizen science experiment by the BIFI of the University of Zaragoza, Socientize and Ibercivis, with the artists R de Rumba, DJ from the Spanish famous hip hop band Violadores del Verso, and M.A. Mercadal.