This workshop is part of the OPEN DAYS – European Week of Regions and Cities, an annual event during which cities and regions showcase their capacity to create growth and jobs.

Every year, the OPEN DAYS – European Week of Regions and Cities gathers experts in regional and local development to exchange good practice in economic development, cross-border cooperation, public-private partnerships, regional innovation and other related topics.

As part of the OPEN DAYS event, the European Commission will host the workshop "Smart Regions in Smart Europe: Digital Innovation Hubs shaping the Digitisation of European Industry" (Workshop code:11A45).

The workshop will focus on the main factors attracting investment in the 21st century: digital technologies, taking into consideration the concrete case of the 'smartening' of products facilitated by miniaturised clever electronics. The focus will be put on the Digitising European Industry strategy and the role of Digital Innovation Regional Hubs.


European Commission

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