The subject matter of this call for tenders is the purchase of services that help make the Internet a trusted environment for children through actions that empower and protect them online. More specifically, the objective is to build and maintain a digital infrastructure for – the Safer Internet Centres.

This call for tenders is divided into two lots:

Lot 1 – Core service platform for resources and capacity building

Set-up and operation of a platform for national providers of Safer Internet Services to create and share resources and services, supporting awareness raising, helplines and hotlines, and to establish a gateway for the general public to find information on issues related to children's use of online technologies and services.

The tasks to be undertaken are the following: 

  • development and maintenance of a searchable directory of educational resources;
  • set-up of a platform of online tools and resources and development of an online community of practice;
  • provision of capacity building, governance and stakeholder engagement. 

Lot 2 – Core service platform for providing a database and a technical infrastructure to support hotline transactions and the removal of online child sexual abuse material

The tasks to be undertaken are the following: 

  • the building and maintenance of a database of URLs for gathering data on child sexual abuse material reported to hotlines;
  • the development and maintenance of a technical infrastructure providing functionalities in a secure environment for automatic comparison of newly reported child sexual abuse material with already viewed and identified material.

This call for tenders is funded from the Connecting Europe Facility programme designed to interlink national digital services and infrastructures.

Please find below the official versions of all necessary documents in relation to this procedure. No documents are dispatched to interested parties either on paper or on any form of storage for digital files.