The subject matter of the contract is
  • the deployment of a comprehensive Open Data core platform. Work will cover the setting-up, launch, operation and maintenance of a large-scale pan-European Open Data portal, allowing cross-border and cross-sectoral discovery of public data assets (open data), and featuring advanced visualisation capabilities;
  • Services with a view of publishing additional public data resources by public administrations in EU Member
    States, EEA countries and certain third countries on (open) data portals through training, workshops and
    bilateral meetings;
  • Services with a view of fostering uptake on commercial reuse of public data resources through conferences
    and outreach activities and services relating to measuring impact and sustainability of open data (infrastructures). Services will include the preparation of analytical reports, a survey on economic indicators demonstrating the impact of publishing public data resources and a report on the sustainability of
    (open) data portal infrastructures.

Please find below the official versions of all necessary documents in relation to this procedure. No documents are dispatched to interested parties either on paper or on any form of storage for digital files.

SMART 2014/1072 - Invitation to tender
SMART 2014/1072 - Tender specifications
SMART 2014/1072 - Model service contract

SMART 2014/1072 - Questions and Answers (last update: 18/8/2014)

This call for tenders is funded from the Connecting Europe Facility programme (CEF).  

The CEF Telecommunications programme is designed to deploy service infrastructures across the EU based on mature technical and organisational solutions to support exchanges and collaboration between citizens, businesses and public authorities. CEF focuses on providing functioning services which are ready to be deployed and which will be maintained over time.

CEF Telecom Workprogramme 2014