Highly connected automated driving will connect your car to the transport infrastructure and make it process data in a way which will help smooth traffic, avoid congestion and reduce emissions. It will also increase road safety: vehicles that are connected and communicate with each other and with the transport infrastructure will anticipate and avoid dangerous situations and can react quickly in case of danger. This event is organised by the European Commission, with the support of the EC-funded projects CARTRE and SCOUT.

To make connected and automated driving a reality, it is now important to have all, the EU, national authorities and industry teamed up to network and to discuss on how to boost the development and deployment of connected and automated driving technologies from a fourfold perspective: transport policy issues; technological challenges; legal and regulatory frame; and digital transformation.

Participants will enjoy a blend of plenaries, thematic breakout sessions and exhibition of EU funded projects.

A Plenary on digital technologies enabling connected and automated driving will examine the current status and possible future scenarios of cooperative connected and automated mobility, and discuss the emerging issues. We will focus on core opportunities and challenges, such as those related to seamless connectivity, 5G, security, safety, liability and consumer acceptance.

Breakout sessions on topics such as Physical and Digital Infrastructure; Big Data, IoT, AI, Deep Learning; Digital IT Infrastructure & Connectivity; Shared and automated mobility services for our cities, will complement the discussions.

A Social networking event will take place on 3rd April at the prestigious Autoworld. Demonstrations include a display of automated functions developed by EU funded projects.

A series of thematic side-events will take place on the 5th and 6th April 2017 upon invitation only.

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