This event on High Performance Computing, organised by the Bulgarian Presidency, will take place on 19 April in Sofia. Signatory of the EuroHPC Declaration, Bulgaria has a great reputation in computing and a strong ICT tradition.

Photo of the constructors of the Vitosha computer.

Bulgaria's record in computing goes back to 1961, when the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences' Institute of Mathematics opened a Computing Centre. By the end of 1963, the first Bulgarian computer, known as 'Vitosha', was up and running. The next few decades saw many more technological achievements, and Bulgaria also became a leading exporter of calculators to Western Europe. In the late 1970s and 1980s, personal computers began to be designed, developed and manufactured by Bulgarian companies.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, Bulgaria has continued this tradition of technological excellence. Its National Centre for Supercomputing Applications, established in 2008, is pioneering research into high performance computing (HPC). It is bringing together scientists from academia and industry and is collaborating with many international partners. In 2015 the first Bulgarian supercomputer, Avitohol, was installed in Sofia, and in 2017 Bulgaria became a signatory to the EuroHPC declaration, committing to working together with number of Member States and the European Commission for establishing in Europe a world-class integrated HPC infrastructure and innovation ecosystem.

 On 19 April 2018, during the 'Shaping Europe’s Digital Future' event in Sofia, current and future developments in HPC in Bulgaria and the rest of Europe will be discussed. Co-organised by the Bulgarian Presidency and the European Commission, this event represents an opportunity for policymakers, researchers, and the computing industry to focus on topics including the role of HPC in neuroscience and healthcare, future computing paradigms, and HPC development in southern and Eastern Europe.

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More information about the history of Bulgarian computing is available in Kiril Boyanov's book, 'History of Bulgarian Computing', pp. 46-62 in History of Computing, IT STAR (2014: Szeged, Hungary - ISBN 978-88-98091-34-8).