The Chinese authorities led by Vice Minister Yang Xueshan met a European Commission delegation, chaired by Deputy Director General Zoran Stančič, in the context of the 3rd EU-China Information Technology, Telecommunications and Informatisation bilateral dialogue. The two sides had useful and productive discussions on a variety of issues.

China and the EU see potential in mutual cooperation to promote sustainable urbanisation via "green smart cities", the introduction of ICT to help address some of the challenges of urban life and make our cities greener.  These may include citizens' increasing demands for better service provision (including in the education and health systems, in government services, as well as in assisting the elderly and disabled), as well as improving energy use, pollution and the safety of road transport by deploying smart mobility services. China and the EU will also work together on measuring the ICT sector's environmental impact.
A positive discussion took place on developing such solutions through pilot schemes, starting in 2012, with the active involvement of Chinese and European cities, enterprises and other interested parties.
At the same time, it was agreed to continue developing the existing collaboration between China and the European Union in particular technological areas, notably the Internet of Things.  Both sides reaffirmed their commitment to a more rapid adoption of the new addressing system for the Internet, IPv6, and urged all other stakeholders to do likewise.
Both sides also agreed to continue exchanging experiences on developing a regulatory system for electronic communications based on market competition; to deepen collaboration to resolve market access issues related to the ICT sector; and to develop exchanges on Internet security, in particular on legislation, standards and awareness raising.