Registration for this thematic group is open to all members of the European Broadband Competence Offices (BCOs) Network until 10 April.

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During the thematic group, speakers from BCOs Sweden, Portugal and Germany will present some of the services they offer that are not related to funding. Discussions will address these and other possible services that BCOs might offer.

Speakers will include representatives from the following institutions:

  • European Commission
  • BCO Network Support Facility
  • BCO Sweden
  • BCO Portugal
  • BCO Germany


This is the third thematic group organised by the BCO Network Support Facility in partnership with DGs CNECT, AGRI, REGIO and COMP.

These thematic groups are part of a capacity-building knowledge-exchange programme run by the BCO Network Support Facility in order to connect and strengthen the BCO Network, support broadband roll-out in urban, rural and remote regions, and contribute to achieving the EU Digital Single Market and Gigabit Society objectives.

Read more about the 2018 programme of the BCO Network Support Facility.

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