The EU-funded project BEinCPPPs (Business Experiments in Cyber Physical Production Systems) is creating a platform to monitor production processes in different factories. The first prototype is already being developed at the shoe manufacturing company KYAIA in Portugal with promising results.

photo showing workers monitoring production at KYAIA shoe factory in Portugal

Cyber-physical systems are the basis of industry 4.0. They connect physical objects, enviroments and machines through digital devices such as sensors, which collect and analyse data and make decisions based on it. This technology offers great potential for European SMES and its broad adoption could lead to the ambitious target of 10% of the GDP comign from the manufacturing & services industries by 2020.

The European project BEinCPPPs aims to unlock the full potential of cyber-physical systems for SMEs in Europe. For that, it aims to create a platform that automates manufacturing processes and indentifies potential failures in the production line. This application will collect data from the factory and analyse it through predictive machine learning techniques, providing workers with real time information and potential risks or failures.

The first prototype of this platform is already being developed at KYAIA's shoe factory in Portugal, in cooperation with local competence centers and Digital Innovation Hubs such as the recently created iMAN NORTE.


Testing this new platforms already shows big potential benefits for the Portuguese company KYAIA:

  • Decreased down time of footwear manufacturing plants
  • Decreased costs on subcontracted maintenance and production
  • Increased productivity in terms of number of produced shoes
  • Allow real time visibility on the production system

In addition, this production platform, based on the cloud, is also being implemented in four other regions across Europe and sectors such as agriculture and automotive. The ultimate goal is to bring the benefits of cyber-physical systems to European SMEs across Europe in cooperation with regional innovation ecosystems with Digital Innovation Hubs at the core.

For more information about this success story, visit BEinCPPS website


Business Experiments in Cyber Physical Production Systems
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