The deadline for this open call on Sector Skills Alliances 2020 is 26 February at 17:00 CET. The Commission has reserved €4 million for the winning proposal.

The Sector Skills Alliances aim to tackle skills shortages in specific sectors. In the  cybersecurity field, there are too few staff available with the necessary skills on the evolving  EU labour market. Therefore, cybersecurity is one of the six key sectors selected under the Blueprint for Sectoral Cooperation on Skills in the 2019 Work Programme for Erasmus+.

The Sector Skills Alliance will identify specific labour market needs in the cybersecurity area, both existing and emerging ones. It can then contribute to making sure education, including vocational education and training (VET), contributes to providing the needed skills.

For example, it can encourage adopting innovative educational tools such as practical cybersecurity exercises and cyber ranges by EU universities, training and research centres. Training programmes and other activities should leverage existing efforts by the EU and its agency ENISA.

The Commission strongly encourages stakeholders in the field of cybersecurity to apply. All requirements for applications and further details are available on the web page.