The outcomes of the '2nd Survey of Schools: ICT in education' study will be presented and discussed during the workshop, co-organised by Deloitte on behalf of the European Commission.

The study was undertaken by Deloitte and Ipsos MORI in the EU 28 Member States, as well as in Norway, Turkey and Iceland, on behalf of the European Commission - Directorate General of Communications Networks, Content & Technology.

Objectives of the 2nd Survey of Schools: ICT in Education

Objective 1

Benchmark progress in ICT in School - to provide detailed and up-to-date information related to access, use and attitudes towards the use of technology in education by surveying head teachers, teachers, students and parents covering the EU28, Norway, Iceland and Turkey;

Objective 2

Model for a ‘highly equipped and connected classroom’ - to define a conceptual model for a  ‘highly equipped and connected classroom’ (HECC), presenting three scenarios to describe different levels of a HECC and to estimate the overall costs to equip and connect an average EU classroom with advanced components of the HECC model.

Objective of the workshop

  • Present the study methodology and overall approach;
  • Illustrate the study’s main findings for the two objectives
  •  Validate and collect stakeholders’ views on the findings, as well as more general views, especially on current and future developments in the area of the study and policy implications.

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