The EU-funded project Sci-GaIA aimed at developing and fostering the adoption of Science Gateways and e–Infrastructures in Africa. The project produced guides and educational materials to train and support scientists, representatives of National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) and universities on how to best use and set-up such infrastructures.

Logo of the project showing a network connecting the African continent

By organising hackfests and offering new training materials and online discussion forums, Sci-GaIA (Energising Scientific Endeavour through Science Gateways and e-Infrastructures in Africa) created the sustainable foundation on which African e-Infrastructures can flourish and met its objectives:

  • the project has had a substantial impact on the scientific and technological collaboration between Europe and Africa in the creation and operation of e-Infrastructures but also in the extension of the European Research Area (ERA) beyond the southern border of Europe;
  • the project has allowed African researchers to improve their expertise in building science gateways, data repositories and creating applications to make the most of the existing e-Infrastructures;
  • the project promoted worldwide standards and widely accepted guidelines defined in Europe (such as those of EUDAT and OpenAIRE) on Open Access and Data Preservation;
  • the project has allowed African researchers to gain visibility, share their work and apply these to societal problems including road safety, energy for remote areas and medical diagnosis.

To reach these objectives, Sci-GaIA has built on the outcome of various previous EU funded projects such as eI4AfricaCHAINCHAIN-REDSPAERIPERINA4AfricaeI-Africa or EPIKH, which have participated to develop e-Infrastructures in Africa and have strengthen policy dialogue and cooperation between Europe and Africa on research.


The project ran from January 2015 until April 2017 and received around EUR 1 million of EU fundings under Horizon 2020, the EU research and innovation programme.

By promoting Open Access and re-use of research outputs and by facilitating the use of science gateways and e-Infrastructures, the Sci-GaIA worked successfully toward the promotion of an Open Science environment, as strongly encouraged by the EU. 

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