The EU and many other research funders now mandate open access to scientific publications resulting from public funding. One of the central implementation issues is the search for sustainable models supporting a transition to open access. The workshop aimed to collect information and reflect on each of the models presented.

Currently, the most commonly discussed models are green open access and gold open access based on article processing charges (APCs). These models each have their pros and cons, but are not the only possibilities. New models are now emerging that could optimise existing arrangements and put forward new ones. During the current transition period towards universal open access, the European Commission wishes to collect information about alternative and new open access publishing models.

The presentations given during the workshop can be found on this page.

  1. Keynote speech: Jean-Claude Guédon, University of Montreal - Open Access: A litmus test of scientific publishing and its business plans
  2. Public and institutional approaches
    1. Abel L. Packer, SciELO
    2. Ramón B. Rodríguez (Spanish National Research Council, CSIC), Revistas CSIC
    3. Caroline Edwards, Open Library of the Humanities
    4. Panayiota Polydoratou(Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki), Data Journals
    5. Paul Ayris, UCL Library Services / UCL Press
    6. Rebecca Kennison(K|N Consultants), Network Partnership approach
  3. Testing the waters with alternative business models
    1. Pierre Mounier(OpenEdition), Freemium
    2. Theodora Bloom (British Medical Journal), Mixed Model / Advertiser model
    3. Martin Spann, University of Munich
  4. New deals with scholarly publishers
    1. Clara Eugenia Garcia, Spanish Min. of Econ. Affairs & Competitiveness
    2. Salvatore Mele, CERN / SCOAP3
    3. Ralf Schimmer, Max Planck Digital Library
    4. Saskia de Vries, Natalia Grygierczyk, Johan Rooryck Fair open access publishing model
    5. Gerard Meijer, Radboud Universiteit

The feed used during the workshop was #AlterOA. The event was fully webstreamed.

A discussion on the future of open access publishing was also launched on the new Digital4Science platform. Please join and participate to the ongoing debate.

On the day on the "EC Workshop on Alternative Open Access Publishing Models: Exploring New Territories in Scholarly Communication", two statements on open access publishing were released.

Other documents:

The report of the event is available.



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