Between October 16 and 18th, the city of Santander, Spain, hosted an event focused on the opportunities derived from using FI-WARE in Smart Cities. More than 300 people, including solution integrators, entrepreneurs, developers as well as representatives of public councils and administrations, attended the event.

They got the opportunity to learn how they can benefit from using the advanced features supported by FI-WARE and participate in the open innovation ecosystem that has been recently launched around FI-LAB, a live instance of FI-WARE available for experimentation.


They were able to see, first hand, how Smart Cities can now connect to FI-LAB and publish their Open Data, allowing developers to create innovative applications with it. Several Spanish cities (Malaga, Santander, Seville and Zaragoza) announced they are doing so. Other cities in Europe are planning to make them available through FI-LAB in the very short term, such as Trento in Italy, which has already made available several open datasets.

FI-LAB was launched on 3 September 2013, with the participation of Commissioner Neelie Kroes. In her speech "Creating tomorrow's Internet", Ms Kroes emphasised the need to support innovation by providing access to technologies, funding, and having the right people. Two days later, Ms Kroes illustrated the role the FI-LAB could play for Smart Cities.

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