The main topic of this year (digital innovation) will allow to touch upon information, communication, policy, organization, security and legal issues in areas like open governmental data, policy modelling, collaborative governance, opinion mining and visualization, collective awareness, digital enterprise and entrepreneurship, interoperability.

This year we have a nice gathering of experts and projects: ENGAGE, PADGETS, NOMAD, CITADEL on the move, OURSPACE, EPIC, LAPSI, ARCOMEM, ANIKETOS, SOCIAL SENSOR are among the projects that will be discussed and showcased. Oncoming FP7 projects, Horizon 2020 and other research funding opportunities will also form a part of the agenda.

In conjunction with the Summit, this year we run the Summer School on Open and Collaborative Governance allowing international students to get in touch with high quality projects and experts from several fields.  The 6-days Summer School (lasting till Saturday 6th) offers 3 ECTS points to students but most importantly provides a nice opportunity for workshops, platform testing and project-related student works, that will follow after summer.  You may disseminate this info to graduate, MSc or PhD students in your communities.