The #SaferInternet4EU Awards competition has officially been opened today. The competition will run from March 1st 2018 until May 15th 2018, and is open to all European Member States, as well as Iceland and Norway. The competition is part of the #SaferInternet4EU campaign to promote online safety, media literacy and cyber hygiene, making children, parents and teachers more aware of digital opportunities and challenges.

#SaferInternet4EU is a campaign for cyberhygene, against hate speech and fake news to help children be protected online

Applications will be accepted in the following categories:

  1. Competition for organisations - public and private organisations (including Insafe network organisations), specialists, or academia -, rewarding a high-quality and innovative online safety education programme, resource or awareness-raising campaign.
  2. Competition for teachers, rewarding a remarkable and inspiring initiative, solution, or resource from a single teacher or a group of teachers.
  3. Competition for youth, rewarding a remarkable and inspiring initiative, solution, or resource from a single young person or a group of young people.

All submissions should follow the objectives of the Better Internet for Kids strategy, tackling topics such as fake news, cyberbullying, connected toys and privacy concerns, grooming, or exposure to harmful or disturbing content, or cyber hygiene issues more generally.

Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society Mariya Gabriel will hand out the awards at an official Award ceremony taking place in November in Brussels at the 2018 Safer Internet Forum.

For more information, timelines, competition rules and the application procedure, please visit the European Commission's Better Internet for Kids website, and follow the #SaferInternet4EU campaign.