The last call for proposals under the Safer Internet programme is closed now. The call had a total budget of EUR 2 275 600 of EU contribution and had a fixed deadline of 23 May 2013 (17h00 Luxembourg time).

Call (as published in the Official Journal C 107 p.7 on 13.04.2013)

Please note that in case of discrepancies between the different language versions, the English version is the original version and therefore takes precedence.

How to submit a proposal - Guide for proposers 2013

The Guide for Proposers is part of the information necessary to make a project proposal in response to the Safer Internet 2013 call for proposals. It provides guidance on how to prepare and submit a proposal. It is accompanied by appendices containing the mandatory proposal submission forms (Parts A, B and C). This guide is composed of following documents, available only in English:

Guide for proposers

Form instructions

Part A for proposal co-ordinator  and parts A and C for each participant

Specific forms (depending on the type of project)

Part B for Pilot Platform for Safer Internet Centres

Part B for Thematic networks



For an overview of the evaluation process and of the evaluation forms please consult the Guidance notes for experts evaluating proposals received in response to Safer Internet 2013 call for proposals.


Pre-proposal service

Before developing a full proposal, prospective proposers may use the pre-proposal service by submitting an outline description of max. 3 pages to be sent to Safer Internet helpdesk (see below). Please note that replies to pre-proposals submitted after 10 May 2013 might not arrive in time for you to develop a full proposal.

We are also providing an explanation of a potential redress procedure.

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