The call for proposals under the Safer Internet programme was launched on 1st February 2012 (Official Journal C 27 of 01.02.2012). The call had a fixed deadline of 29th March 2012 and is now closed.

The 2012 Work programme and the criteria and content of the call for proposals were adopted by the Commission on 31.01.2012 (COM(2012)124)

36 proposals were received before the above mentioned deadline and were evaluated with the assistance of external independent experts in Luxembourg.

Following the evaluation, 24 proposals have been recommended for a total EC funding of EUR 13.712.200 as follows:

Integrated networks:

 19* Safer Internet Centres (maximum EC funding: 11.361.500€)

 * two proposals to be merged

Targeted projects:

 2 projects to be merged to enhance LEA identification and analysis of child pornography (maximum EC funding: 1 M €)


Thematic networks:

 1 thematic network to promote positive online experiences for young children (maximum EC funding: 450.000 €)

Knowledge enhancement projects:

 2 Knowledge enhancement projects for investigating the impact of convergence of technology (maximum EU funding: 900.700 €)


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