The Safer Internet Forum is the key annual international conference on child online safety in Europe. This year’s theme is "Digital (dis)advantage: creating an inclusive world for children and young people online". The theme examines challenges and opportunities that children with diverse disabilities encounter online and what kinds of solutions already exist to make their experiences better.


Banner of the Safer Internet Forum 2020

In the forum, the European Commission will be joined online by EU-co-funded Safer Internet Centres, ministries and European Institutions as well as parents, teachers, carers, academics, researchers, industry partners, NGOs and above all young people from all over Europe to discuss inclusion but also the impact of digital on us all.

Already on 24 November a pre-forum session will bring together Better Internet for Kids Youth Ambassadors (BIK Youth) and the  industry ‘Alliance to better protect minors online’ around the BIK Youth pledge for child-friendly terms and conditions. On Friday 27 November, an INHOPE-led session on the new EU strategy against child sexual abuse will complement the forum together with a session on the ‘BIK Policy Map’ exercise in the EU Member States and beyond.

The Safer Internet Forum, organised since 2004 and taking place on 25 and 26 November, is an initiative under Commission's European Strategy for a Better Internet for Children.