SafeCity is one of the use cases of the FI-PPP which deals with smart Public safety and security in cities. The main objective is to enhance the role of Future Internet in ensuring people feel safe in their surroundings at time that their surroundings are protected. Safecity is the result of the elaboration of a vertical use case scenario based on Public Safety in European cities.The objective of the tests in Stockholm is to demonstrate SafeCity increased situation awareness based on analysis environmental sensors.

The scenario is about a train accident in a tunnel under Arlanda airport. As a result of the hazardous materials start to spread in the tunnel and may endanger the rescue forces and the survivors. Heat, lack of oxygen and high level of CO and CO2 may also present danger. The PoC showed how sensors were deployed, their signals transmitted by an ad-hoc radio network to the Gateway, then over the public internet to the FI-WARE test bed in Seville, Spain, where the signals will be processed by several SafeCity applications (RUBE, DF and DSS). The sensors data, along with alarms about any dangerous levels, will be delivered to several command rooms in Sweden using simple web based interfaces, allowing any device with an internet browser (and the right authorization) to monitor the sensors and alerts. All data communications from the sensors to the FI-WARE test bed and back to the command posts will be secured by encryption. SafeCity and Fi-Ware are both FI-PPP related projects