58% of EU citizens live in rural, remote and mountainous areas. Currently only 28% of such areas are covered by fast or ultra-fast broadband . This issue is going to be debated during the Rural Summit 2017 in Eindhoven.

The event is organized by the Brabant Kempen region in collaboration with the Intelligent Community Forum and focuses on topics that are in the centre of Digital Single Market regarding broadband connectivity in rural areas by 2025.

What’s the benefit?

Broadband allows rural regions to become more attractive. From citizens to companies, existing or new, it allows the region to integrate them to the larger rural or urban areas which they belong.

“The connected digital society leads to rural revival: connected, vital and economically strong rural regions re-connected to urban centres”.

A digital society will allow citizens to dismiss the geographical constraints between urban or rural environment. The Digitally connected rural regions shall flourish with stronger economic and vital living conditions with a robust connection to urban areas.

The two day event will offer a networking environment for Mayors, chief administrators, information technology managers, officials of regional and national authorities concerned with rural development, executives of agricultural, transportation, information technology and telecom firms targeting the rural market and educators and academic experts on rural development.

What to expect?

The event is clearly inspiring for the development of rural regions with the inclusion of Broadband. The attendees will discover a vast number of subjects ranging from Smart Farming to Modern Leisure and learn about best practices from Belgium, Germany (e.g. Bayern), The Netherlands (e.g. Brabant region), Switzerland (Wallis), and Sweden (Jönköping) among others to come.

More information can be found at the event website.

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