In the rural Croatian community of Drnje, the community council decided to co-finance the creation of a Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) network in order to bring over 100 Mbps connectivity to local businesses, citizens and public entities. This co-financing enabled the transformation of the original plan for broadband development in the area, in which a local Internet Service Provider had intended to build a wireless network offering maximum speeds of only 30 Mbps. The local mayor made this decision because high-speed broadband is essential for encouraging young people to build their lives there.

Title over photo of two workers installing fibre optic cable up a utilities pole: Rural Croatian community council co-finances high-speed FTTH network

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In this video, Mario Pintar of Pro-Ping introduces the project.

This project was a finalist in the 2019 European Broadband Awards. Read more about this and other award-winning projects in the brochure Broadband Good Practices from the 2019 European Broadband Awards, as well as in the project’s factsheet in the European Commission database of good practices in broadband projects.

This video is part of the European Broadband Competence Offices (BCO) Network’s programme promoting awareness of good practices in broadband projects as well as EU broadband funding and policy. The programme includes a series of videos, articles and publications accessible through the BCO Network portal. Explore the highlights from last year’s BCO Network programme in the 2019 Activity Report.

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