The European Union invests and contributes through its Workprogramme to the field of Robotics. During this session, success stories from robotics projects funded under FP7 will be presented. The workshop also aims at fostering re-use of the projects results.

The format is different from a standard project presentation: each project will be given about 12 minutes to pitch its unique contribution

  • what difference it has made
  • and what concrete impact it will have, from the direct use of the project results to future perspectives.

For each project, a tandem presentation was invited:

  • the coordinator (or representative) will pitch the project results, its unique contribution to the technology (step change) and how the results will be exploited and re-used, and possibly how the audience can build on them
  • each project was also asked to invite potential user(s) of their results, to present how they will exploit the project results and their perspectives on the impact of the project in their application domains


ERF Workshop: Success stories - Step Change Results from FP7 Projects  


ERF Day 2, Wednesday  March 14, 2018 - [8h30 - 10h00] – followed by a poster session during the break


ERF - Tampere - KUKA room



EC  - Cécile Huet


 logo of the Codyco project

Whole-Body Compliant Dynamical Contacts in Cognitive Humanoids


logo of the Walk-man project

Whole-body Adaptive Locomotion and Manipulation



Widely Scalable Mobile Underwater Sonar Technology


European Robotics Challenge


CYBERLEGs Plus Plus -


CYBERnetic LowEr-Limb CoGnitive Ortho-prosthesiS

From SAPHARI to the German President's Award for Innovation in Science and Technology

Saphari logo


Safe and Autonomous Physical Human-Aware Robot Interraction


"Human-centered robotic assistants for a brighter future" Sami Haddadin

The iCUB success story 


photo of a humanoid robot

An open source cognitive humanoid robotic platform

Poster session:  Right after the workshop, feel free to meet with the speakers who will present at the poster session



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