Consumers in the European Union have been paying up to 60% less for using their mobile phone abroad since this summer. The transition to the Eurotarrif by Europe's mobile phone operators is proceeding according to plan. This is the result of a study carried out by the 27 national telecom regulators – united in the European Regulators Group (ERG) – in collaboration with the European Commission.

Mobile operators have generally complied with the requirements to introduce, offer, and make available a "Eurotariff" (tariffs no higher than 49 eurocents per minute for calls made abroad and no higher than 24 eurocents for calls received abroad, excluding VAT) for all their roaming customers from 30 July. By 30 August, around 200 million EU consumers had already switched to the Eurotariff. Many operators have moved faster than legally required and activated the Eurotariff already in July or in August. The ERG study also shows that operators are generally on track to implement the new transparency provisions introduced by the EU Roaming Regulation.

"The Eurotariff is now the standard price offer for roaming in the EU, as had been the intention of the European legislator," said EU Telecoms Commissioner Viviane Reding. "I am glad to see that the move to the Eurotariff has gone smoothly, thanks to the close cooperation between the European Commission and the European Regulators Group, and the strong political support from the European Parliament throughout this summer. I note some remaining problems regarding the transparency of some of the new roaming offers. However, after talks I had today with the ERG and with the European consumer association BEUC, I am convinced that national regulators will take this in hand as soon as possible."

Roberto Viola, the current 2007 Chair of the ERG and Dániel Pataki, upcoming Chairman of the ERG in 2008, said: "The ERG is satisfied with the first results of the Regulation's implementation. The process set up in cooperation between the Commission and the ERG has provided guidelines to industry on how to put into practice the regulation and has helped national regulators in the monitoring activities. This is a very good example of harmonisation at work".

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