An EU regulation that would cut the cost of using mobile phones abroad by up to 70% was tabled by the Commission on 12 July. The Commission wants to ensure that prices paid by consumers for roaming services within the EU are not unjustifiably higher than those they pay for calling within their own country (European Home Market Approach).

Commission President José Manuel Barroso : "The Single Market is first and foremost for consumers. Here is a practical application of our Europe of results approach. With our proposal today, consumers using mobile phones within the Single Market will get a fairer deal."

Very high international mobile "roaming" charges currently affect at least 147 million EU citizens (37 million tourists and 110 million business customers). Provided that the European Parliament and the EU Council of Ministers support the Commission's proposal, the new EU regulation – which is a legal instrument directly applicable in all EU Member States as soon as it is published in the Official Journal of the EU – could come into effect by summer 2007.

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