The objective of the study is to provide a factual and solid social-economic assessment which will allow, together with data to be collected from NRAs, to decide on whether or not, and how, to change the scope of the universal service at EU level. Therefore the study has inter alia to assess: (i) the socio-economic, direct and indirect benefits and costs of providing a (minimum) quality of broadband service at EU level; (ii) to what extend the market and policy initiatives (other than Universal Service) are likely to provide users with broadband connections (e.g. considering LTE deployment and national broadband plans; EU structural funds; State aid), (iii) the appropriateness of current universal service requirements and modalities; (iv) a possible reduction of current universal service obligations to the extent the market delivers these services (e.g. access to publicly available telephone services, directory and directory enquiry service, public payphones). In addition to that, the study will assess the affordability of tariffs within the universal service regime, as well as the possibility of additional universal service broadband obligations, namely the feasibility and costs of connecting public places of specific interest such as schools, libraries and health care centres. Besides that, the positive and negative aspects of the different financing mechanisms for universal service will be assessed (e.g. by public means, financial contributions from the electronic communications sector or other beneficiaries, and/or by consumers of fixed-line and wireless services in form of extra charges).

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Prior information Identifier:  2013/S 252-441252
Contract Notice Identifier:    2014/S 074-127001
Publication date: 15/04/2014
Budget: €150 000
Deadline: 12/05/2014 16:00 (Brussels local time)