ReTV is an EU funded project providing novel solutions for broadcasters and their content partners to publish on multiple media channels with the effort of one.

Re-purposing and re-using digital content is of vital importance to broadcasters and other stakeholders in European media value chains. High initial production or acquisition costs need to be recouped, but the abundance of online channels creates a thin viewer market for original content, especially on niche topics.

Live and on-demand viewing is now spread across smart TVs, web and mobile applications, social media and other emerging platforms. This introduces an important challenge: How should broadcasters decide when, in what form and on which platform(s) to deliver which content? ReTV proposes the Trans-Vector Platform (TVP) to address this challenge and help media companies gain a competitive advantage through guided content re-purposing and re-publication, on the fly and across different platforms.

The TVP requires novel methods to extract metadata, predict patterns in the topic-platfrom-audience matrix, and apply these patterns to enhance and re-purpose content - across platforms and according to predicted audience interests. Thus, ReTV will advance the state of the art in video analysis, video augmentation and annotation, content and audience metrics, prediction and recommendation models, visual analytics.

The results of this extensive research will be tested and validated together with a regional public broadcaster (RBB), a national TV archive (NISV) and an OTT TV distributor operating in multiple EU markets (Zattoo).

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