The revised Directive on the re-use of public sector information (2013/37/EU) calls upon the European Commission to assist the Member States in implementing this Directive in a consistent way by issuing guidelines, particularly on recommended standard licences, datasets to be published as a matter of priority and charging for the re-use of documents, after consulting interested parties.

The objective of the consultation was to therefore seek the views of stakeholders on specific issues to be addressed in the future Commission guidelines that should cover the three issues of key importance for the promotion of wider PSI re-use in Europe. The online survey was open for a period of 12 weeks, between 30.08.2013 and 22.11.2013.

You will find below the feedback received during the entire consultation process, which also included a public hearing held in Luxembourg on the 25th of November 2013 and a meeting of the Public Sector Information Group, held in Luxembourg on the 26th of November 2013.

Final report summarising the results of the consultation

Additional position papers and extended submissions:

The full content of the 304 submissions received online

Minutes of the public hearing, 25.11.2013

Slides presented during the public hearing:

Licence interoperability report by LAPSI 2.0

Minutes of the meeting of the Member States experts' group on public sector information ('PSI group') of 26.11.2013