The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) is organising this workshop in the context of the Horizon 2020 research programme of the European Commission. The workshop offers an opportunity for industrial representatives and researchers to come together, to discuss and to identify common interest areas (future technological trends, present latest research results to industry...).

In the ICT domain, a massive research effort is currently ongoing in the context of the H2020 program of the European Commission. Numerous national funding efforts are under way in laboratories, at universities and in the industry across Europe and worldwide. These activities create a plethora of knowledge and know-how which can enable a whole new generation of technology and will pave the way for many years to come.

Standards activities can help bridging the gap between research and industrial development of products and services by facilitating the commercialization of research results. Depending on the maturity of a technology, there are various options – even though not always known to the research community – to transform ideas into an industrial consensus driving product development. The industrial and standards community, on the other hand, may be unaware of the wide range of technological advances and alternative solutions. Often, the link to the research community is lacking and the information flow on novel and promising technological trends is not as good as it could.

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