This report summarises the outcomes of the workshop on “Standardisation to Support Digitising European Industry (DEI)” organised by DG Grow and DG Connect in October 2017. The Workshop brought together leading initiatives from member states related to Industry 4.0. The objective of the meeting was to derive an EU-wide approach to standardisation in support of the European Commission’s Digitising European Industry strategy.

The discussions that ensued gave the following messages:

  • There is a strong need to coordinate fragmented activities and the EC should enable this.
  •  A core element in driving standardisation are test labs or field labs. These are key assets that can be used to test and validate emerging standards across the value chain, while at the same time giving access to, and providing support to SMEs.

The workshop also provided a clear distinction of roles for industry and the EC with respect to coordinating activities:

  • Industry clearly advocated that it drove standardisation and as such it should have the lead in orchestration of activities
  • The European Commission can support pilot activities and works in partnership with industry through PPPs, FoF, BDVA or ECSEL, or with alliances like AIOTI. The Commission also acts as a facilitator for standardisation coordination.
  • Working in partnership industry can provide strategic guidance on standardisation needs and the Commission can support requests through political endorsement for any new governance schemes proposed

Finally, in order to address standardisation to support the Digitisation of European Industry there may be a need to bring the key actors together in order to address in more detail how these recommendations can be taken forward.

Find out more by downloading the report of the workshop on standardisation to support DEI.


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