The European Cloud Partnership (ECP) brings together industry and the public sector to work on common procurement requirements for cloud computing in an open and fully transparent way. The ECP Steering Board provided advice to the Commission on strategic options to turn cloud computing into an engine for sustainable economic growth, innovation and cost-efficient public and private services.

Main conclusions from the meeting:

  • The Steering Board is widely supportive of the current draft Vision document on Trusted Cloud Europe – TCE.
  • The Steering Board wishes to accelerate the finalisation of this document, so that the future actions envisaged by the document can be undertaken.
  • Comments are to be elicited though consultation with the public on the basis of a publishable version of the document, to be developed within the next two weeks.
  • Minor comments were made which will be integrated by the end of the week of 17 February. A new version is to be circulated at that time, allowing the Sherpas to provide any further comments for one more week.
  • A final version of the document will thus be available by the end of February.
  • In principle this was the final meeting of the Steering Board; however, the chairman reserved the option to call for an additional Steering Board meeting if needed.
  • It was noted to be important to get back to the Council with the result of the work. This will require full active support from Member States and from all SB members.


  • End-February: finalisation of Vision document;
  • Mid-March: obtaining final approval from SB, publication and consultation;
  • Mid-April: stepping up efforts to make the work of the ECP visible to the Council for the forthcoming Council meeting (May 2014).
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