This report covers the MNBS Workshop held at IMEC in Leuven from 14 to 15 October 2015, in conjunction with the EPoSS Annual Forum and General Assembly (12-13 October). It gives a snapshot of the current state of MNBS technology and the market for its products, emphasizing the need for more effective technology translation and commercialisation approaches for Europe’s excellent research in this field.

The objectives for the workshop were to focus on where MNBS can help resolve society’s big problems and to help steer the developing sector by addressing improved translation of research into products, enhancing the connection to the global market and improving collaboration across the sector and between stakeholders.

The main subject areas of the workshop, MNBS applications in healthcare, agriculture and food and the environment and MNBS support available via European programmes & initiatives are visited briefly, to give highlights and messages emerging in each of these sectors relevant to the future. Changes and restructuring of healthcare provide the backdrop to developments in this area, creating a new paradigm for regulation.

The increasing demands for food quality and safety drive a demand for MNBS application and a fierce driver for reduced cost. The sharp focus the last decade has brought to the environment provides a new demand for “field sensors” emphasising robustness in demanding conditions. In all sectors, the focus on project reports gave a snapshot of the range of technologies, integrated systems and applications in development.

The sample of projects presented at imec, provide a benchmark of current advances in MNBS, technology transfer and commercialisation practice, success and areas for improvement.

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