The network will bring together research expertise in cybersecurity from across the European Union (e.g. university labs/public or private non-profit research centres). The aim of the projects under the pilot is to create synergies, scale up existing competences and research and come up with marketable solutions that can improve cybersecurity of the Digital Single Market. The proposals can be submitted until 29 May 2018.

Building on the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda of the contractual Public Private Partnership on cybersecurity, the winning consortia, including also industrial partners and their research collaborators, should collectively develop a Roadmap with clear milestones to tackle cybersecurity industrial challenges in selected sectors and implement it through a complete range of activities, from research & innovation through testing, experimentation and validation to certification activities. 

Furthermore, projects should  test possible organisational, technological and operational setup of a cybersecurity competence network with a central competence hub and envisage clustering activities to exchange knowledge and lessons-learnt with other projects funded under the Call to provide valuable input for the future set-up of the Cybersecurity Competence Network with a European Cybersecurity Research and Competence Centre. This pilot project was announced in the Joint Communication on Cybersecurity adopted September 2017  and funds will come from Horizon 2020 Framework Programme under the amended Work Programme 2018-2020.  

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