In order to be better positioned in the global competition, Europe needs immediate and strong measures to boost economic growth through productivity and innovation for job creation in the coming years. Many of the challenges we are facing in the coming decades will need to be solved at regional level, building on the regional strengths in cross-sectoral collaboration. Smart specialisation is an important policy rationale, promoting this effective and synergetic use of public investments in regions to strengthen their innovation capacity. It defines a policy mix focusing on a limited number of priorities stimulating smart growth. Future Internet PPP Programme strives to build an open Future Internet platform that will support Smart Specialisation and regional development initiatives in piloting and deployment of innovative services and solutions. In this work, the FI-PPP will need support and active involvement of future users of the platform. This non-technical workshop presents and debates the value of the Future Internet PPP for regional innovation, showcasing examples and exploring opportunities for involvement of new regions and cities. Among the speakers will be Robert Madelin, Director General DG INFSO and Luc Van den Brande, Advisor to Regional Policy Commissioner Johannes Hahn and former President of the Committee of the Regions. A registration form can be found on the event's website.

Future Internet PPP and the European Commission
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