The European Commission is launching a call for ideas to gather recommendations and suggestions for priorities and research and innovation (R&I) activities for the quantum communication infrastructure (QCI) initiative. The objective of this call is to identify critical areas for which an EU Investment is needed to allow the European Union to ensure a robust, non-dependent and sustainable supply chain of quantum communication technologies to build the EuroQCI.

map of Europe showing countries that have signed the declaration on a Quantum communication infrastructure for the EU

Since the Digital Assembly in Bucharest in June 2019, 24 Member States have signed a political declaration to work together and with the European Commission and with the support of the European Space Agency to establish a cooperation framework, called EuroQCI, having the following aim:  

“To explore the possibility of developing and deploying in the Union, within the next 10 years, a certified secure end-to-end quantum communication infrastructure (QCI) composed of space-based and terrestrial-based solutions, enabling information and data to be transmitted and stored ultra-securely and capable of linking critical public communication assets all over the Union.“

Copy of the signed political Declaration on EuroQCI

In the period 2021-2027, QCI will be supported by the Digital Europe programme, which will develop and reinforce Europe's strategic digital capacities, as well as the Commission’s Horizon Europe programme and the programme of the European Space Agency, contributing to research applications.

We invite you to participate in this call for ideas by filling in the template in annex and sending it back to by 1 June 2020.

Responses will be treated confidentially and will be used to prepare the European Commission QCI roadmap.

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